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First Bailieborough Presbyterian Church (Corglass)
300 Years of Worship (1714 - 2014) Incorporates Glasleck Presbyterian Church, Shercock.

‘First Bailieborough Presbyterian Church (Corglass) 300 Years of Worship’ commences with a message from the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Rev. Dr Rob Craig. The current minister of Corglass, the Rev. Sam Anketell provides a foreword and the Rev. David Nesbitt, Ballybay contributed a chapter entitled “Who are these Presbyterians?”.

The early chapters explain Presbyterian symbols, beliefs and practises. Presbyterian beginnings in Bailieborough are chronicled and described in detail from the ministry of the Rev. David Sim, who was installed in Corglass on March 25th 1714. Notable historical events are recorded including the Famine, the 1859 Revival, and the erection of the Church and Manse.
The history of Glasleck Presbyterian Church, Shercock and its ministers are also included in this publication. Officially known as Shercock Church up until 1926, it was erected in 1836.
The Rev. Randal McCollum was the first minister ordained; he spent his entire ministry in Glasleck. He is best remembered for his writings, these included the ‘Highlands of Cavan’ which he had published in Belfast in 1856. Glasleck Church closed in November 1998 and its congregation was amalgamated with Corglass. The  headstone inscriptions of both church graveyards are recorded and these details are now preserved    in print for future generations
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Trinity Presbyterian Church Bailieborough - The First 125 Years is more than just a church history.
The early chapters explain Presbyterian symbols, beliefs and practises. Presbyterian beginnings in Bailieborough are chronicled and described in detail from the ministry of Rev. John Craig, Second Bailieborough’s first minister. Notable historical events  are recorded including: the 1641 Rebellion, the Famine, the 1859 Revival, and  the erection of Urcher Manse, the Institute and Trinity Church.
In 1887 the old  church at Urcher was in need of repair so a  new church was built in the town. Details of those who ministered in Trinity in the past 125 years are noted. The  history of Seafin Church, which closed in 1973, is also included as its congregation joined Trinity upon its closure.  Built in 1828, Seafin was referred to locally as ‘Gola Meeting House’ and after 145 years it closed due to declining numbers. Where the old churches of Urcher and Seafin once stood graveyards remain and are still in use; a new graveyard was opened in 1958 for the use of Trinity congregation. The headstone inscriptions of all three  graveyards are recorded and these details are preserved in this new publication.
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Bailieborough A Pictorial Past

Memory' is the prevalent theme of 'Bailieborough A Pictorial Past'.   The launch marked 400 years since the arrival of William Bailie to what was then Tonergie.

Lord Eames spoke at the launch of the book. "It's a case of down memory lane in many ways," said Lord Eames, noting the relevance of memories in Leslie's book. Lord Eames, who has had a significant role in the peace process, spoke of the power of memories, both positive and negative. "Ireland is a place of memories," he said, adding that as we move into times of reconciliation and uderstanding, "memories can be a springboard to a better future". Describing the book as "fascinating", Lord Eames commented that, "Leslie has done an excellent job". Photos in 'Bailieborough A Pictorial Past' are divided into eight chapters: Street Scenes and Buildings, Shopkeepers and Shops, Religion and Education, People, Organisations and Events, Sport, Industry and Farming. Two further sections are titled Poetry, Song and Authors with A Bailieborough connection.